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The perfectly adorable necklaces of Anousheh Barzegar [via]



(Blade of the Immortal, Hiroaki Samura)

Okay, I’ve been envious of this artist’s way of expressing fantastic movements through his art for quite a while now. This post only furthers it. 


No more searching for wall outlets, bumming a charge cable off your buddy or being powerless in photogenic situations (ack! that’s the worst).

Grab the Jump Cable 2-in-1 backup battery and charge cord.

This cable does double duty by charging your phone at home from any outlet or USB port and then packing power for on-the-go battery boosts.

Learn More About the Jump Cable


Paint in Motion: The art of Adam S. Doyle [via]


Far-off worlds? Nope! Just some very worn-out frying pans. [via]